Monday, February 21, 2011

Under the weather

What keeps me running

I’m a bit under the weather, with colds and itchy throat that must be due to the fickle weather. I feel drugged after taking 2 Biogesic tablets and my migraine medicine, Zomig. The only thing keeping me up is coffee.

My friend Sonya advised me to buy apple cider vinegar from Healthy Options. Her advice: “Take a glass of warm water with 2 tsp. vinegar 3x a day before meals. And gargle equal parts vinegar and water, also 3x a day. Take Fern C two caps every meal and stay in bed with a nice book…” I think I’ll take her advice.

After our planning session in Tagaytay Highlands last week, I dropped by with friends at Sonya’s Garden for merienda and a massage, and to give Sonya the Romana’s peanut brittle from Baguio. We ended up staying till dinner. Sonya was her gregarious and generous self as usual and gave me bags of goodies to bring home. I was excited to try her new preservative-free beauty products such as lavender body oil, shampoo and body butter. They smell delicious!

From Eileen’s FB. Kawawa yung Porsche

I was shocked to see this picture posted by my Singapore-based friend Eileen on her Facebook. Shades of Ondoy but in a first-world country. It can happen anywhere.

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