Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh, Tokyo! Part IV

It was either Disneyland or Akibahara-Ginza-Science Museum. The pull of Mickey and Minnie was just too strong.

Pressed against the glass in the first car of the very crowded JR Yamanote Line on a Monday morning, I took this picture.

The romantic DisneySea harbour behind me

Superbly talented street musicians

Galileo’s room

Because of the long lines, we didn’t get on as many rides as we wanted at Disney. So really, the highlight of my day was having dinner at this place.

Gotta love the Japanese for their attention to detail

I ordered the specialty, sukiyaki. The server showed me how to prepare. The blue jar contains sweet-salty soy sauce and the white one contains water, which you use to balance out the taste.

After pouring soy sauce into the pan, she added the meat.

I cooked the veggies, noodles, tofu and other ingredients the same way.

The server will ask you if you want whisked raw egg as dipping sauce. And God bless the Japanese for their rice.

Imahan is located at the food court of Takashimaya, which is truly a foodie haven.

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