Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dinner to end a challenging day


After a dispute with the bank that dragged on till past office hours, I had to treat myself to a nice dinner. That late into the night, there were very little options, so thank God for Taste of L.A. They have the best callos (next to Sonya’s and that of my friend’s mom) but I had callos recently so I went for the lazy beef fondue and pritchon. I go to the restaurant quite frequently so I have tried those dishes countless times and they never disappoint. Since there were four of us, we also ordered the cheese pizza, which has the thinnest pizza crust in town. It simply is divine, with generous chunks of cream cheese on top. It rivals that of Capricciosa’s for the top spot, the latter with blue cheese, which I also love.

Lazy beef fondue


Cheese pizza

171 A. Roces Ave. cor. Tomas Morato

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: 374-2461

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