Friday, February 4, 2011

Ilocos Diary: Palayupuy

This main structure has four rooms on each corner and a wide sala and dining area in the middle.

I reveled in the deep blue of the sea while walking along the beach from Sitio Remedios to nearby Palayupuy (Ilocano for sea breeze), Dr. Cuanang’s new resort. The concept of this new development was entirely different. It was reminiscent of the Ivatan stone houses in Batanes but making use of dead corals instead of stones on the façade. Although the look was distinct from Sitio Remedios’s, it still drew from the Ilocano’s penchant for an open architecture that let the air circulate freely through wide windows and entryways on all sides. Instead of a courtyard, however, the distinct feature of the layout is a papag where families can gather to eat, to talk or simply to relax.

The coral stone facade

A distinct feature of every room is the rustic papag

Mirror equals self-portrait

Low tables with simple, evocative decor - and bottled water to beat the heat

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