Tuesday, February 22, 2011

O'ahu Do's and Don'ts

I just returned from a week-long vaycay in Oahu. It wasn’t my first visit but it was the longest. When I went last year, I had to divide my time between Oahu and Maui. This time, Oahu had all my attention. And because I like to be where the action is, I stayed in Waikiki yet again. Here are a few things I learned this time around:

  1. DO stay in a vacation rental.

Uli Hale studio - bed and view

Unlike last year when I stayed in a hotel, this time I booked a vacation rental. I learned from Tripadvisor that a lot of tourists go this route, especially those who are staying a week or longer. The problem with rentals is, you never know for sure what you’ll be getting until you see it. With patient searching, I found this. I immediately fell in love. And I am glad to note that the unit was exactly as it appears in the photos and as described. The owners were thoughtful enough to anticipate everything you’ll need on a trip to Waikiki, including snorkels, beach chairs, floaters, Hawaii guidebooks, etc. There was even a basket of Hawaiian goodies such as macadamia chocolates, potato chips, Hawaiian popcorn (with dried pineapples) and Kona coffee. I loved coming home to the studio after a long day. We’d make scrambled eggs and Spam for breakfast. It felt like home.

Sofa that expands into a pull-out bed.

The microwave oven and induction stove - and the ABC chain of stores everywhere - guaranteed we would stay fed even late into the night while we were battling jetlag

The owners thoughtfully equipped the kitchen

Impressive entertainment set - with DVD player and Wii, and all the Hawaii guidebooks we needed and DVDs of movies shot in Hawaii

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