Sunday, February 13, 2011

Glomy’s empanada at the Batac empanadahan

I’ve already mentioned tinobong and Tongson’s bibingka from Vigan. I’m quite sure Ilocos Norte has their own version of those but I opted to make room for other specialties.

Special empanada by Glomy’s

The place to go, I am told, for Ilocos empanada is at the empanadahan in Batac. It’s very near the Marcos mausoleum so it’s a perfect place for a stopover. I had a special, which means with egg and longganiza.

Tuyo dipped in vinegar make for a perfect breakfast

If you’re looking to bring home pasalubong, your first stop should be at the Laoag market, where you’ll find packets of chichacorn, yema and sesame seed candies, strings of longganiza and chunks of bagnet.

Dried fish in Laoag market

Choose smaller chunks of bagnet

That’s just half of what was on the table at La Preciosa

But if you want to sample the food before buying any, La Preciosa is your best bet–unless of course you can drive all the way to Sitio Remedios in Currimao, where they serve the best interpretation of Ilocano cuisine I’ve tried.

Chinese bibingka is like flattened buchi without the sesame seeds

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