Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anthroposophic Medicine

In my dogged pursuit to try all possible options to address my condition, I consulted another doctor, this time a practitioner of anthroposophic medicine, Dra. Divina Hey-Gonzalez.

Her approach to healing is wholistic. It is grounded on anthoposophy’s belief that human beings are composed of the physical body, the etheric or life force body, the soul and the spirit.

The physical body displays the symptoms of imbalance in the four bodies. Dra. Gonzalez recommends detoxification to restore balance physically.

The life force body is where healing takes place. This body thrives in rhythm, which is why Dra. Gonzalez recommends a certain routine of eating and sleeping. She tells me I should be in bed by midnight to give my liver time to renew itself.

The soul is the seat of consciousness. It is the part of us that thinks, feels and wills. Sleep is when the soul detaches itself from the etheric and physical bodies and allows them to rest. Illness begins when the soul’s needs are unfulfilled.

Lastly, there’s the spirit, which directs us to our task in life, the one thing that we must do to give meaning to our current life.

Anthroposophy looks at illness as a wake-up call, a message that there’s an imbalance somewhere and a life-change is at hand.

As to treatment, Dra. Gonzalez gave me mineral drops and capsules, to be absorbed through the tongue.


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