Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three restaurants complete my week.

Thanks for never letting me down, M3.

I bid goodbye to my Mazda 3 last Tuesday (I’ll miss you, M3). I met with its new owner, my friend and former boss, Mike, last Tuesday to hand over the key. Mike and I are crab aficionados so we decided to celebrate with a crab meal at Casa Armas. But when I got there, alas, I was told that they didn’t have their regular supply of crabs that day. Mike and I decided to move our lunch to House of Wagyu at the top floor of Podium Mall.

Upon serving

Mike recommended the stone grill rib eye steak so that’s what we both had. It was superb. The meat was tender and flavorful. Better yet, you can cook it to the doneness you prefer.

Seared on both sides, ready for slicing

The steak is served on very hot lava stone. Upon searing on both sides, it is transferred to a plate. What you do is slice the steak thinly then cook the slices on the hot stone as you desire.

Spinach soup

Sole gremolata over a bed of risotto

The second restaurant is Brasserie Boheme at the Picasso serviced apartments in Salcedo Village, Makati. I ordered spinach soup, which was creamy and wonderful. I enjoyed my sole gremolata as well but I was a little put off by the acidity of the lemon squeezed on top. I’d prefer it served on the side next time. But next time, I think I’ll order my friend’s lengua, which was so moist and rich, I was only too glad he offered to switch plates mid-meal.

Lengua, for next time

Dingdong and Judd had been raving about Enchante since they got to try the restaurant during one of their business meetings. So when we were deciding on a place for dinner Friday night, Aya suggested Enchante. The restaurant was delightful, very French country chic. Aya and I decided to split an order of Spaghetti le Jessie, a stellar recommendation from Judd. We also split an order of rib eye steak.

We have another dinner scheduled there on Tuesday, an indication of how happy we were with the meal. I intend to have a full order of Jessie’s spaghetti and I don’t intend to share it with anyone haha.

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