Monday, February 21, 2011

Croissants and Danish

Chef Juan Carlo Estagle in action

Mama and I had our little bonding session at Heny Sison’s Croissants and Danish class last Saturday. She told me months ago that she’d like to learn how to bake. When I mentioned the class to her, she was eager to try it out.

My mama in full attention

While enjoying our coffee. I had to get up early for the class (It started at 10 a.m. but we arrived at 11 a.m.)

I didn’t realize, however, that making croissants is such a toil. You have to mix, pound, roll and turn the dough and refrigerate it several times until the flour mixes completely with the butter. Just thinking about it makes me tired. But once the dough is made (you can make several ahead and store them in the fridge), the filling and baking were easy enough.

Bear claws before

Bear claws after. The filling was somewhat chewy. I loved it.

Pinwheel before

Pinwheel after

Took home the croissants for breakfast the next day. One is plain butter croissant; the other has chocolate filling.

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