Saturday, April 30, 2011


I just had my second acupuncture session at Oasis on Maginhawa St., Teachers Village.  Doctor Sison said we need to restore the flow of chi in my body because blockage causes cysts, migraine and digestive problems, among others.

I felt the onset of a migraine while I was on my way to the clinic but it disappeared after the session. It remains to be seen if acupuncture will do its work on my other health challenges but I’m willing to give it my commitment. After all, the 45 minutes I spend in bed with the needles is also time for quiet and rest, something I need and deserve.


Phone: (+632) 9217649

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I just returned from Bohol with friends and my adorable godchild, Luna. This may have been my sixth or so visit to the province but the place never gets old. Perhaps it’s the company I’m with.

There is something comforting about going back to a familiar place and known pleasures such as swimming in Alona Palm, bingeing on seafood at Panglao Nature Resort and on Nanay’s humba and chicharon at Judd’s house, and having coffee and drinks at Judd’s terrace to start and end the day.

On this visit, I went to the Bee Farm for the first time and enjoyed the wonderful Buzz ice cream (take note, malunggay flavor, which is really more akin to vanilla). I got to check out the scene at the Alona Beach strip and had a wonderful massage on the white sand. Judd and Tita Gigi are always gracious hosts. As always, we got to do a lot during those four days but it really felt like we were just taking our time.


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