Monday, February 21, 2011

Forgive & Forget

Contrary to my expectations, the past three weeks haven’t been good. It has been a bumpy ride for the most part, although I’ve managed to escape to a clearing every now and then and enjoy a moment of peace. But I’d rather put those weeks behind me. There’s so much to look forward to this week. And two concerts to attend! There’s the John Mayer concert on Friday, and Gary V.’s Soul in Motion performance at the Music Museum on Thursday.

Last Sunday, we had dinner at Chef’s Table at The Fort. It’s tucked behind a new building called Infinity Tower. It is owned by Bruce Lim who I first saw in a show on AFC called Tablescapes. He was there to greet us and joined us for a chat as we were winding down our meal. His idea for the restaurant is to reinterpret old Filipino favorites such as kare-kare, laing, lechon and sinigang.

Tortang talong

Chilla-a-fino gets my approval. It’s steamed lapu-lapu cooked Chinese-style (garoupa is traditionally used).

I loved his take on the sinigang. He used ebi tempura for some crunch.

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