Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kikki.K: Paper Love

I love paper with the same passion as I love food. Pen and paper were my constant companions growing up.

My parents bought our first desktop computer when I was in junior college, but hardware could not take the place of my usual pen and paper.

In high school, like most girls my age, I collected stationery. I would swap pages with friends. I would buy journal notebooks regularly and wrote on them using scented pens. I spent hours browsing paper products at Learner’s Shoppe across my school, St. Louis, or at Co-Ed near St. Paul. Every time we went to Manila, I would go to Gift Gate and National Bookstore to add to my collection. It was only in college that I discovered Tickles and Regina’s.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered Kikki.K. I must have read about them in Chuvaness’s or Daphne’s blog since those are the ones I follow regularly. I also remember Kim Jones mentioning the brand in one of her Instagram posts. So when I came across their store at ION mall Singapore last year, I went crazy. I bought notebooks, stamps, pens and what-nots for my nieces.

When I got back to Manila, I started watching videos at the Kikki.K Planner Love  page and was completely entranced. It was then that I decided I would get a real planner for the new year. I stopped using planners years ago, making do with Google Calendar and Evernote. I also keep a Moleskine notebook to write on.

Months passed, a lot of things happened, but I couldn’t get Kikki.K out of my mind. So, in December, I ordered my peach-colored Be Brave planner along with a Paper Lover’s Book, a mini stationery kit and a vision board kit. Since I met a certain minimum order, Kikki.K threw in a free accessory pack loaded with goodies, namely a sticker book, gold and silver washi tapes and gold spiral paper clips, nicely presented in a cute drawstring bag.

My package arrived in Manila in the first week of January but was held by Customs. I finally got hold of it this week, just in time for Chinese New Year. Not funny, Customs people.

I started customizing my planner as soon as I got home. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like.



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