Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Mayer, finally!

John Mayer rocking the guitar

We braved the rain and the daunting Friday night traffic to go to SM Mall of Asia to watch the guy perform. It was the first time we attended a concert in that venue so we didn’t know what to expect. I was glad to see food stalls within the concert grounds because I was starving. I managed to down my McDonald’s cheeseburger standing up while holding an umbrella.


At one point during the performance, I had to leave Judd’s side to talk to Bambi. It didn’t take long before a guy approached Judd to share his brolly. I waited at the back to see if the guy would eventually lean on his shoulder (hehe). It didn’t happen. Darn.

Judd had already suggested that we can leave halfway through the concert if the rain doesn’t stop. But it did! The umbrellas were folded, et voila, we could actually see John Mayer on stage. The guy was a genius in the guitar! We definitely got our money’s worth but I still think JM’s music is better heard in a smaller venue.

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