Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soul in Motion

Gary V. in action

We didn’t know about the Gary V. concert until the week before its final run. Thanks to Ticketworld, I snagged the last five adjoining seats at the VIP section. It made all the difference. We got to eat and drink during the show, a major plus because we hadn’t had the chance to grab dinner before it started.

Ate Pam with her idol

When Gary V. made his entrance with his rousing song, Hataw Na, Ate Pam squeezed my hand and said giddily, “Kinikilig ako!” And who wouldn’t be? Gary V. looked hot at 46. As always, he connected with the crowd in a very personal way.

Gary V. with Echo

It was a treat to see him perform with another eye candy, Jericho Rosales, who was a revelation. The heartthrob can sing!

With Duncan Ramos

Duncan Ramos of South Border performed his hit single, Rainbow, and even reprised a dance number that he performed with Gary V. when he (Duncan) was just a kid. The most moving part of the show was when Gary V. introduced his only daughter and sang a duet with her, but not before airing a clip of her as little girl practicing a song with daddy.

Towards the end of the show, Gary V. brought the crowd to their feet with his fast numbers, peaking at a medley of ’80s hits.

The show ended just before midnight but we weren’t done yet. We spent the first three hours of the day at World Music Room eating, drinking and singing to more Gary V. songs. I guess that’s what happens when your soul is in motion. You simply can’t stop.

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