Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is what you call REWARD

Last night, as part of our group training for the fitness and weight loss competition in the office, we tested the Crossfit program with Russell, a trainor. To warm up, we did limbering exercises and an easy 200m run at the Ultra Oval. Then he made us do three sets of 200m runs followed by 10 squats in perfect form. It was a good workout. I felt lighter and more limber this time compared with the past trainings where my legs felt heavy and my runs strained. After doing practice pull-ups at the monkey bars, Karla, Bugs and I did a 400m run in the Oval. I felt strong.

After our session, we went to a carinderia-type establishment nearby called AySee, which, I was told, is famous for its sisig. Russell told us his regular diet consists of high-protein and high-fat food to sustain the high intensity of his workouts. I think we thought we deserved the same (and more) so we ordered four hotplates of sisig, two steamed pla-pla and two large bowls of papaitan. Unlike Russell’s diet, however, which bans sugar and carbs (with occasional indulgences, of course), we didn’t skip the rice. The sisig was topped with a raw egg, which you mix in. It was good but it failed to unseat Trellis’s in my book as the best sisig ever. I also liked the papaitan, which wasn’t as bitter as the traditional version. But what really made the meal was the steamed pla-pla smothered with mayo and topped with crunchy garlic. The fish was moist, tender and flavorful.

Since it was Mike’s birthday the following day and AySee closes relatively early at 11:30pm, we continued the celebration to Bargos at SM Home Depot. The guys had their dose of San Mig Light while social drinker me opted for brewed coffee, which went quite well with the fantastic Cara Mia cake that Judd offered as a birthday cake for Mike. With all food groups covered in our meals, I can’t wait for our next workout session where I intend to burn all the calories I consumed, and have a great time doing it.

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