Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do you call them gods or Olympians?

That was one point of contention at the Wednesday Quiz Night in Capricciosa Greenhills. Categories: Hello Kitty, Freeze, Sweet Home Alabama, Clash of the Titans, Behind the Scenes, P (peso sign)–the rest I forget. This was only our second visit; the first was last week with our team, Tayson, finishing fourth out of five teams. This time, we climbed (with effort) to third place, thanks largely to our joker (two points instead of one per correct answer), which we used for the Behind the Scenes category (we topped it and got a free round of drinks). As a final category, the quizmaster asked us to guess the price of several items bought from National Bookstore. The estimate closest to the actual price gets the point. We really sucked at this, getting only one out of 10 questions. Maybe next week we’ll climb to second place? Or is this as good as it gets?

The above (see title) became a subject of dispute when the quizmaster asked which group of people began to rule Mt. Olympus after the Titans were defeated. Some teams answered Olympians. Others said Gods. Team Gods argued both are acceptable.They have a point but I think Olympians is more specific. After all, madaming klaseng gods, di ba?

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53 Connecticut St., Greenhills
Tel: (+632) 744-0689, (+632) 744-0490

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