Thursday, January 20, 2011

Facebook Warriors

From Bobby Guev's Facebook page

Log in. I see a familiar name in a comment made to a friend’s status message. Click. I am taken to a limited view of his profile, which lists among his favorite pages that of Bobby Guevarra. Click. Seeing that familiar face transports me back to my trek with Bobby Guev and other classmates to the village of the Dumagats in Gabaldon, Nueva Vizcaya where my young heart opened to a life separate from the one I knew, yet as valid and authentic as my own.  Become a fan. Click.

I go back to my homepage. Another friend became a fan of Benji Reyes. Another bout of nostalgia. This is the man in Antipolo who breathes new life to old wood. We visited his old house once while he was still building the one where he lives now. Every corner of the place was strewn with his handcrafted furniture. On Benji’s page, Lanelle Abueva-Fernando left a message: “Super. The cross is beautiful.” Another bell-ringing name, which takes me, this time, to breakfast with Badette, Leda and Doyts at Lanelle’s restaurant in Antipolo, Crescent Moon Cafe. It was early morning, around 7 or 8, when we arrived armed with coffee in a thermos and a brown bag full of pandesal. We sat beside the pond and swapped stories over breakfast while waiting for Lanelle to arrive for our interview. Such an uncomplicated life we had. Just simple food, a pair of sturdy shoes, and good company.

Crescent Moon Cafe Ascension Rd. Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo

Tel: (+632) 658-3866

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