Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello, butter.

I had two hours to kill before the check-in counter opened and since I had already tried (unsuccessfully) to catch some shuteye, I decided to preoccupy myself with food. I went up to NAIA-3’s departure area mezzanine to check out what they had. Only Kopi Roti caught my eye. I had been wanting to try their kaya toast but, every time I went to any of their stores, I’d get swayed by the roti bun. This time, I steeled myself and ordered a set of 4 kaya toasts and kopi.

Bite, chew, bigger bite, mmm. I shouldn’t have waited that long. I loved the spread of kaya (coconut jam) on thin toast and the sudden surprise of that chunk of butter. Heaven. I finished 4 toasts in one sitting (each toast being about half the size of a regular toast). With the kopi (with condensed milk, no sugar), it was the perfect breakfast for making one’s self feel better after missing a flight.

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