Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Choc-Nutty day

Truffles hits all the right spots for me but there are days when nothing can quite do the job but Choc-nut. Today was such, and I was happy that this simple pleasure was at hand.

I remember having a particularly bad day one time, so I drove to Podium Mall and bought a gold-wrapped bar of Gianduja chocolate at Leonidas. I went straight back to my car and, in private, savored the smooth milk chocolate with hints of hazelnut. I felt better immediately. And now, I have completely forgotten the awful thing that must have triggered my distress, but I still remember how soothing that Gianduja was.

Chocolates do this to me. And with Choc-nuts, the mix of peanuts, milk, sugar and cocoa powder is redolent of my childhood and brings on an extra warmth.

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