Thursday, January 20, 2011

Market, market

Swimming with whalesharks can really make one ravenous. This I discovered when Erwin (my photographer) and I almost wiped out our order of 10 sticks of pork barbecue, 10 sticks of pork intestines, two vegetable spring rolls, four pork spring rolls and string beans in coconut milk with a plateful of rice. I asked several locals if they could recommend to us a place to eat at Donsol’s market. They couldn’t name one because there were no restaurants, just stalls with a couple of vinyl-covered tables and monobloc chairs. We found our stall by following our nose. With a strategy like that, who can beat barbecue, even if the smoke came wafting from a signboard-less carinderia wedged between Postrado sari-sari store and a stall that sold rubber slippers?

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