Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fro-Yo for ice cream lovers

I was craving for ice cream earlier but I knew I had reached my quota for the week. Since I was in Shangri-La mall, I decided to try a frozen yogurt place called Golden Spoon, which I first read about in Chuvaness’s blog. I chose the non-fat strawberry flavor with raisins and M and M’s on top. The smallest serving is about 100 calories so I thought I could afford the indulgence. It tasted creamy and rich just like regular ice cream although it wasn’t as redolent of strawberries as Selecta’s Berry Strawberry. I missed the tartness I found in most frozen yogurts. But for an ice cream lover who can’t afford the extra calories, this is a miracle.

Posted April 11, 2010 in travelswithgusto.wordpress.com

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