Friday, January 21, 2011

A truffle (or two) a day...

…Keeps the doctor away. I brought home a box of Paulene Chocolats truffles last night after I got to try them over dinner at Cuillere with ex-Businessworld friends. They were so fantastic that I decided to bring home the indulgence. I used to rely on Trufettes de France in Shangri-La Plaza, and relatives and friends from abroad to send Trader’s Joe’s French Truffles for my supply. Now I’m glad I have another source. Paulene Chocolats’ truffles are handmade and each box comes with a variety of flavors, which makes it even better.

I was supposed to fly to Puerto Princesa yesterday with Fay and Ivan, but Fay had a medical emergency so we decided to postpone. It was a welcome postponement. I was iffy about traveling right before the elections and, in hindsight, I got to enjoy such an indulgent meal at Cuillere (the seabass and squid ink risotto were THE BOMB). I had turned down the invitation from Larina weeks ago, but when Mike called to remind me about it and I happened to be in town, I decided to go. It was nice to see old friends and get reminded about our beginnings. I’m quite proud of our BW batch. I think most of us are doing pretty well. In my case, I have a lot to thank Mike for because of all the generous opportunities he had given me even after I resigned. It was great to see Carla, strong and fully recovered after her battle with the big C. Marif seemed completely settled with the BF and their life in Mozambique. Rina, Rose and Manny were their crazy, irreverent selves as usual.

Cuillere Serendra
(beside Fez, same row as Larry’s Bar)
Tel. No. (+632) 856-3325

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