Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fresh catch

Nature’s fickle mood once again prevailed on me when my much-anticipated trip to Palaui island was canceled due to inclement weather. Yes, it can happen even in the height of summer and in the midst of a crippling El Nino. Just the day before, the fields were pitifully parched as the sun flared with blistering heat. But when morning came, it brought along the rain accompanied by vicious winds that prevented all boats from venturing out of Port Vicente.

I consoled myself by revisiting Anguib Beach, which was accessible by land via a partially constructed cement road. Under the overcast sky, the white arc of beach I saw the day before had turned into a dull ecru. The shore was littered with natural debris from the sea mixed with plastic leavings from group outings. What was heretofore a placid beach was overrun by thick curls of white foam that beat the shore with might. But even bad weather could not stop weekenders from having a good time. Many of them were busy setting up their lunch at the thatch-roofed picnic huts. Seafood was a common fare. Being so near the source, dorado, blue marlin, flying fish, and even barracudas were in abundance at the market and at such low prices that anyone can afford to indulge. Barracudas were sold at 80 pesos per kilo while large crabs can be had for only 250 pesos per kilo. Lobsters were a prime catch, of course, particularly the derosas kind, which is harder to catch and a favorite among Chinese tourists. Derosas were sold at 1600 pesos per kilo.

I couldn’t wait for the next day to bring home my live crab purchase for cooking so I ended up treating myself to a grand seafood meal of chili crabs and prawns at Jotay’s restaurant. And as if that weren’t enough, we also ordered adobong squid, dinakdakan and pork sinigang. Such a kingly meal good for four people cost only 1500 pesos including drinks.

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