Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Inner Rat

By day, I work as a corporate executive in a new media company. By night (and most weekends), I run with a rat pack of warriors I call friends, prowling every corner for the “ratatouille” that will shake us to the core. When I’m lucky, I get a taste of it on the end of my fork, a glimpse of it in a rocking sunset, a feel of it in sand escaping between my toes, a whiff of it in my niece’s talc-covered forehead, a note of it in a ditty about a “real messy beautiful twisted sunshine.” Often, my response escapes from the belly in rib-splitting laughter; Sometimes, it’s a catch in my throat. Always, I am left hungry for more.

I started this blog after receiving an offer to write my second book, a travel book called The Road Less Traveled. This book will take me to places, for sure, to unmapped territories that may just give me the fresh perspective I am looking for. In my heart, what I’m really writing is the story of this blog. I feel somewhat like a rat being led out of a hole by Chef Gusteau (in my case, sheer gusto). My hope is that I, too, may stumble into a cupboard of riches, simply by following my nose.

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