Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hong Kong Spring Deer Restaurant: Recommended, Value-For-Money Roast Duck

Hong Kong Spring Deer on Timog Avenue is one of those places that refuse to die simply because its loyal following will not allow it. It looks like it deserves some inspection from the health department but it does roast duck well and its other offerings are equally tasty.

We had the duck three ways–with the skin wrapped in Chinese mushu pancakes with scallions and hoisin, as minced duck meat wrapped in lettuce leaves, and in a soup. "Thou shall not be afraid of MSG and fat" is a good advice to follow when dining at a Chinese restaurant and, with that in mind, I thoroughly enjoyed the crispy duck skin, which contrasted beautifully with the spring onions and velvety sauce.

The salt and pepper spareribs, steamed swahe (small shrimps), and whole steamed fish deserve special mention.

And with a tab of nearly PHP7,000 for a party of 10, the price wasn’t bad at all.

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