Sunday, August 16, 2015

Duck & Buvette: Small Plates, Big Flavor

You can certainly cobble together a fine, grown-up meal from Duck and Buvette’s small plates. The selection is substantial and the tasty morsels are well conceived.

The name is derived from the restaurant specialties—crispy duck confit and buvettes, small bites (to be more precise, the French version of a tapas bar). Because I had another full meal in my schedule, I came for the buvettes.

I enjoy this type of dining because it allows me to sample a variety of flavors in a single meal without having to overindulge.

I began my grazing with a serving of grilled Black Angus meatballs, nuggets of beautifully smoked beef stuffed with feta cheese sitting in freshly crushed tomato sauce. I wish they served this in full portions.

Another winner in my book was the crispy potato pavé and salty duck egg, a novel combination that works. The cubes were made of potato layers that became crispy and chewy with the frying. Be generous with the crème fraîche and salty duck egg, and you’ll have a perfect bite.

I always enjoy cheese and charcuterie so I ordered Duck & Buvette’s Le Deli Slate, which was a well-curated serving of Grana Padano cheese, prosciutto, brandade de bacalao dip, herbed feta with olive and garlic confit and warm bread.

The char roasted cauliflower with white truffle oil and garlic olive oil was a hit at our table but I was looking for a little more crunch and smoke.

I met my match with the maple candied bacon drizzled with lemon juice. So much goodness in such an abbreviated slice of sticky, caramelized meat. I am coming back for this and the three specials—duck confit, slow braised beef Burgundy and steaks & frites.

Buvettes Menu

Mains, Baked Goods and Specials
Duck & Buvette
2/F Main Wing Shangri-La Plaza Mall EDSA
Mandaluyong, Philippines

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