Monday, August 24, 2015

Grace Park: Farm-To-Table Comfort Cooking

I am at the risk of looking like a Margarita Fores groupie but I simply need to write about Grace Park, her farm-to-table restaurant at One Rockwell that scores points for its food as well as its rough-hewn organic-industrial-eclectic interiors.

Gaita is one of the country’s most recognized locavores who rely on area purveyors for the ingredients that go into their food.

For me, I rely on Gaita for flavors that hit my comfort spot.

Take this three-cheese meatballs spaghettini. Those who like meatballs as I do would know that good meatballs are hard to find beyond the confines of our own home. My version is crusted with garlic, and toasted on the outside, moist in the inside. Gaita’s is the Italian version, soft and moist all over and with just the right amount of fennel. I really should try other items on her menu but this is the one I always end up going back for, again and again.

This recent visit, I got to try Grace Park’s rendition of the classic grilled cheese sandwich. Slathered with butter, the sourdough bread offered a satisfying crunch. Each bite provided an interplay of sharp gooeyness and tiny daggers of tanginess from the mix of cheddar, Asiago and Fontina. A tiny canister of honey is served on the side if you need something sweet to dip into, but you won’t need it. I would, however, have loved an accompaniment of thick roasted-tomato soup for perfect rainy weather grub.

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