Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Farm's Salus per Aqua

Infinity Pool

Floral mandala

After an hour-long siesta, I head to The Farm’s Salus Per Aqua spa. I wait for my treatment at the lobby overlooking an infinity pool that seems to stretch toward the distant cluster of palms.

My skin kayud treatment begins with two therapists massaging oil on my back and gently scraping my skin with what looks like capiz shells. This procedure stimulates the lymph canals to drain the toxins out of the body. The masseuses do the same on the other side.

Following the kayud is the body detox using a curcumin scrub. Curcumin has been used for thousands of years in Negros Island. It has the active healing power to detoxify the liver, skin, kidneys and heart.  With both sides of my body slathered with curcumin, the therapists tuck me in a blanket like a burrito and lay a warm compress on my abdomen. I lie like a mummy for 15 minutes then I take a shower to wash off all the gunk. I already feel renewed but the coddling is not over yet. The therapists have prepared an outdoor bathtub with warm water and freshly pressed coconut milk. I get in and for the next 30 minutes, wallow in the warmth and comfort of this glorious bath while staring at the grey sky. 

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