Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cebu Lechon Atbp.

I regretted not going to Cebu during the Sinulog but I was glad I went before the earthquake happened. I was with the entire family, after all. It was a quick visit, arranged for the following reasons:

1. Mom and Dad’s 42nd Wedding Anniversary

Very little research went into the trip so my sister-in-law had to get restaurant recommendations from her friends. We ended up at The Gustavian in Ayala Center.

Joanna (my eldest niece): Wow, Cebu is so modern!

Indeed, it is. So many restaurants to choose from! Abaca in Mactan remains a favorite.

2. Lechon

Jay, the driver, chopping the lechon

When my sister-in-law celebrated her 40th birthday last January, we ordered two whole Cebu lechon from Rico’s: one spicy and the other one regular.

CNT’s lechon

CNT was near our hotel so that’s where we went for lunch. The meat of the lechon was flavorful but the skin was a disappointment. It was not as crisp as I wanted it to be, maybe because the lechon steamed inside the box. I couldn’t help comparing it to the crisp Sabroso lechon we had last Christmas.

The kids pouncing on the Sabroso lechon

3. Sutukil

I’ve been to Cebu a couple of times but I’ve never been to a sutukil restaurant. According to my kuya, Fredz restaurant is recommended. So we went, we saw, we conquered. The real winner though is this calamares.

Island Banca’s Sunset Cruise

This one, we never really got to try. Too bad, because we were really looking forward to it. When we arrived, the banca was semi-full and all the good seats were taken. Plus, to board, you have to hold on to a bamboo pole held on either ends by the boatman and his assistant. No trouble for us, but for my parents who were becoming unsteady in their steps, it was. So goodbye, cruise. We’ll have to save you for another time.

5. Alegre Guitars

Ok, we didn’t really plan the trip to go to Alegre but when we were there, we couldn’t help but admire the handcrafted guitars. My brother bought one for the kids, particularly Jenna, who has promising musical skills.

6. Sto. Nino

On our first full day in Cebu, this was our first stop, upon my dad’s request. Near the church was Magellan’s Cross.

7. Masareal

I ran out of masareal before I realized I didn’t take pictures 

This is, by far, my most favorite pasalubong from Cebu. I love dried mangoes too but this one is the bomb. It doesn’t keep well though. It turns brittle/crumbly after a week. Mine never lasts a week.

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