Monday, February 6, 2012

A Fresh Start

I make plans to use the rebounder at the Jungle Gym but opt to relish the little time I have left in my lovely Garden Villa. In bed, I disappear completely under the sheets, hearing only a hush of the fountain from my very own garden as I drift back to sleep.

When I am ready to get up, I take my time at the outdoor rainshower. I slough off dead skin with the lemongrass scented body scrub, a mixture of bath salt and coconut oil that does wonders to my dry skin. Toweling off, I marvel at what a day of wellness and a night of rest can do. It’s like someone wiped my vision clean. Reality is more vivid than before.

Before I pack my stuff back to the city, I head to Alive! Restaurant for breakfast. I walk with purpose and anticipation.

I start off with mixed fruit salad with coconut and fruit yogurt. It is a glass of yellow, chunks of pineapple mixing in with mangoes, a dash of white from coconut flesh. The taste is as bright as its color. I decide against coffee and opt for the organic hot chocolate.

I love the pop and crunch I get from the granola with mixed cereals, which I douse with a good serving of nut milk.

I look forward to the cinnamon French toast but it is the Japanese scrambled tofu that gets to me. It is creamy and egg-y, each luscious mouthful blending so well with the sweet coconut bacon. Fresh, delicious, healthy –- this is one breakfast meal that represents all that is great about new beginnings.

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