Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family time

I wasn’t supposed to join the Boracay trip with family because it was a work week and I had already booked a trip to Bohol, which would require me to skip a few more days at work. But my sister in law had to attend an event that required her to take a later flight. My two pamangkins were scheduled to fly with her so I had to go with them instead, while my brother, my parents and my two other pamangkins took the next flight.

It turned out to be a lucky twist of fate because I really enjoyed spending time with my pamangkins. I would have really regretted not being with them especially at the onset of their summer vacation. They’ve all been to Boracay before but, seeing the amount of awe and delight in their faces every time they step on the white sand, swim or wade or get knocked over by a strong wave, you’d think it was their first time.

I also enjoyed spending time with my parents. We get to talk about more things now and I enjoyed listening to the tales of their youth, the latest going-on in the province where they are based as well as their plans for the future. I appreciate that they now allow me to make decisions for myself. It was great to see them have a good time. 

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