Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jozu Kin

After reading about the restaurant in Chuvaness’s blog, I decided to give Jozu Kin a try. The problem is, when we got there, I completely forgot all the good stuff I wanted to order. So I improvised.

I love anything with Japanese mayo so I ordered the kani salad.

The Angus steak cubes were very tender and flavorful.

The gindara teriyaki was served last. I don’t know why it took a while to cook. I was so hungry by the time it was served that I immediately took a bite, which explains the partially nipped edge. It was so moist and tender that the flesh falls apart. Loved it.

I want to try the Symphony and spicy tuna next time.

Ronac Art Center seems like a nice place to hang out in.

Especially if you like contemporary art.

Basement parking

Jozu Kin

Ronac Art Center

Ortigas Avenue (near Gilmore)

Phone: (632) 403.1875; (632) 403.3646

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