Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bali with Gusto: Waka Land Cruise

The ride

I must admit, I was a little disappointed about this tour. It was featured on Conde Nast Traveler and described as a luxurious experience but it was a letdown. First of all, it was pouring hard when the tour started and the rain was seeping inside the windows and over the roof of the land rover. We had to position ourselves a certain way to keep from getting wet.

A resident at a Balinese home

Secondly, the stone quarry didn’t make for such a great stop. I tried to enjoy it but it would have been better if we were taken someplace where we can participate in an activity or interact with locals.

Thirdly, while the idea of dropping by a village home for snacks was great, I believe the snacks such as the local donut can be improved.

Lastly, the wine being served at the rainforest restaurant could be much better.

The one thing I loved about this tour was the drive through the verdant rice terraces. They were simply lovely. Lunch was great too, especially in the rainforest restaurant. 

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