Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Resort Feature: Balesin Island Club (Why It's The Perfect Family Getaway) - Part III

The next day was glorious so I took Jia to the beach. Her Dada joined us later for a swim in the pool.    

Since Mykonos was the only village we haven't visited, we decided to go there for lunch. 

I dressed Jia to match the white and blue of the village. She was so tired from swimming that she nodded off even before she had her lunch.

She's awake! She was so rapt listening to the kumbancheros because she loves music.

Since day one, I was telling my husband we should go watch the sun set at Nusa Dua bar in Bali Village but our schedule did not permit. This was again recommended to me by Kathy Solis, VP for marketing of Alphaland. We finally got there the day before our departure and it was perfect. The bar stood on stilts with bridgeways that connected to a water villa on either side and to Warung restaurant. 

For our last dinner on the island, we picked Costa del Sol, acclaimed as the best restaurant in Balesin, to which we heartily agreed.

This paella negra was simply delectable. We definitely scraped the bottom of the pan for the soccarat. I ended the night so full but I wished I could eat more.

My husband remarked how well thought of and well executed the dishes are, not only in this meal, but also in our previous ones. He said he'd love to bring more friends and family there next time we visit. I guess it's safe to assume that he loved our little getaway. 

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