Friday, May 10, 2013

Life Happened (Part I)

To state the obvious, this is a long overdue post. I took a respite from writing, but definitely not from living as the past two months have been some of the most activity-packed yet. Prior to our trip to Beijing last March, I was busy learning to ride the bike together with my nieces JM and Jenna. Joaki already knew how. Even Julia joined in the fun.

After the Holy Week, I went home to Solana to visit my folks. It was in time for the fiesta so I had the chance to see relatives and friends I haven’t seen for a long time, and meet new ones.

I also met with the architect who will be working on the improvements to our Family Room. She has shown me her plans and it looks interesting but we’ll be able to work on them only after the elections, as my parents will be coming to Manila to escape the political heat in our hometown.

Prior to my visit to Solana, I received the good news that Che has been appointed as RTC judge. This has been several years in the making. His patience finally paid off. I am so happy for my brother. I can say with pride that it is a much-deserved promotion. Not only is he intelligent; his character is stellar.

We all dressed up for his oath taking before Presiding Justice Reyes of the CA. We celebrated the occasion after with lunch at Cerchio in Quezon City. I loved the food so much that I kept going back week after week (this week, I went there twice). The Singaporean squid heads, crispy pata and sisig are must-tries.

So what else happened?

I started doing Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. I did a lot of inner work in my 20s, attending regular satsangs and doing daily meditations of different kinds (from Vedic to Buddhist to Osho’s). As I climbed the corporate ladder in my late 20s, I slowly dropped the practice, although I would intermittently do breath work and relaxation exercises to relieve stress.

I’m on Day 17 now and I truly believe the practice has enriched my life in tangible and intangible ways. Opportunities are magically opening up and I feel more rested and joyful. One example of synchronicity that I experienced recently was when Clang and I met up for afternoon merienda at TWG last Labor Day. We were supposed to surprise Mother Sonya with a visit to her place in Tagaytay in the morning but I had to beg off from Clang because I had a late night. While I was enjoying my smoked salmon, I received a message from Mother saying, “I just thought of you… I miss you…” This is the first time ever that Clang and I met up in Manila without Mother. She’s blessed with a sixth sense!

Of course, we paid her a visit the soonest we can. We drove to Tagaytay that week, on a Saturday. I was so happy to see Mother and I was elated upon learning about her new project and that she wants me to be part of it! I can’t talk about it yet but it will be launched on her birthday this August.

Sometime this month, I also met with Jun V. and his children Justine and Anika to discuss a new project. It looks so promising. I can’t wait to see the final outcome. Again, to be revealed soon.

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