Monday, May 9, 2011

Dr. Chaoling Sua-Lao

I was so unhappy with the way my doctor handled my first diagnosis (She prescribed Lupron injections to me without discussing the side effects. On top of that, she prescribed Femara to address the night sweats as a consequence of Lupron but again failed to communicate Femara’s adverse side effects). I decided to take matters into my own hands and researched online for a better doctor. In many community sites, the name of Dr. Chaoling Sua-Lao kept cropping up. I found the number of her Medical City clinic and immediately scheduled an appointment. This was two weeks after I was given my first Lupron shot and three weeks after I had my first acupuncture session.

After a two-hour wait, I was finally able to see her. It was worth the wait. She started by describing to me the female reproductive system and what happens when a female has my condition. Off-hand, she had doubts if I was given the correct diagnosis because I didn’t display any of the symptoms.

There was an ultrasound machine in her clinic so she asked me to lie down for an examination. All throughout the procedure, she described what I was seeing on the screen, all of them pointing to the conclusion that I didn’t have the condition I was diagnosed of.

She asked to see me again when I have my period in order to conduct a more thorough examination, this time at her Binondo clinic where she had her more sophisticated diagnostic tools. I was so relieved with the results that I almost cried. Instead, I decided to skip work altogether and attended a hatha yoga session at Pulse Yoga where I offered all my fears to the Universe. Loved, relieved, stretched to my core and soaking with sweat, I did my very first assisted head stand.

Dr. Chaoling Sua-Lao

Unit 1604 Medical City

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